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    Our Salt Cave Halotherapy & Wellness Centre is a natural holistic

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    rejuvenate your health and maintain your well-being.

     Loved the Vibrosaun so relaxing. Next time I will turn up the heat and try the Salt Cave Halotherapy room.  
    - Adrienne, Hamilton, New Zealand, 20 September 2016
     Have been taking my son to Salt Cave Halotherapy since March this year. He was using Ventolin Pump for shortness of breadth but has since stopped using it. He was going to weekly treatment then fortnightly and now he is going once in 3 weeks.  
    - Vinesh, Auckland, New Zealand, 16 August 2017
     I visited last Friday. I just loved Vibrosauna + Salt Cave Halotherapy. The owner was very helpful and the place was very clean. Would definitely recommend !!  
    - Jane, Auckland, New Zealand "One session Salt Cave Halotherapy" 5 August 2018
     If you haven't already popped in for a visit I highly recommend stopping by! Easy to find, plenty of parking spaces you'll be sure to walk out relaxed! Prashant is very informative, kind and goes above and beyond to make sure you're well cared for during your sessions. The centre itself is definitely one of a kind, I've never seen a room built entirely of Himalayan salt bricks!!! Will be seeing alot more of this place. Thanks again Prashant!  
    - Tonisha, Auckland, New Zealand "Two one-hour Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatments for heavy stains" 6 August 2018
     So relaxing!  
    - Valerie, Auckland, New Zealand "One session Salt Cave Halotherapy" 28 August 2018
     Very accommodating and pleasant to deal with. Thank you!  
    - Nicole, Auckland, New Zealand "One session Salt Cave Halotherapy" 29 August 2018
     Good service very friendly and p.  
    - Magda, Auckland, New Zealand "One-hour Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment for Normal Stains" 1 September 2018
     Had a full nights sleep after the salt cave experience which has been the first night in a very long time! Such a beautiful place to relax in. Came out feeling 100%  
    - Chelsea, Auckland, New Zealand "Two Sessions Salt Cave Halotherapy" 6 September 2018
     I had the most awesome head & body massage today, the pressure was excellent. The Salt Cave is very interesting with the block salt walls, quite different from other massage parlours. I most certainly will return.  
    - Yvonne Smith, Auckland, New Zealand, 08 September 2017
     Amazing, it really feels me good?? The salt room is very relaxing. I can't wait for my Halotheraphy next week. I might do this every month to pamper myself??  
    - Mia, Auckland, New Zealand, 28 December 2017
     Always such wonderful and friendly service, and the teeth whitening truly works wonders!! Would definitely recommend! :)  
    - Jzayla, Auckland, New Zealand "Teeth Whitening Touch-Up Treatment" 11 September 2018
     Great experience with the teeth whitening session. Will definitely be back :)  
    - Jazmin, Auckland, New Zealand, 24 April 2018
     I brought this for a friend and they enjoyed the experience.  
    - Dale, Auckland, New Zealand "One Session One-Hour Vibrosaun Experience" 1 October 2018
     I first discovered the Salt Cave therapy while on holiday in Australia. I suffer from sinus and respiratory problems, especially if I get a cold. After one treatment I could breathe with no mucus down the back of my throat. I was delighted to find a Salt Cave in Auckland. I had 3 sessions and all symptoms disappeared. I even sleep better and don't snore hardly at all. I will visit every time I come to Auckland to visit my family.  
    - Kate, Dunedin, New Zealand, 23 October 2018
     Great experience. I am definitely going to do this again.  
    - Caroline, Auckland, New Zealand "One Session One-Hour Vibrosaun Experience" 25 October 2018
     Hi Prashant, Thanks for allowing us to visit the Salt Cave. We have a successful experience. Your welcoming and introduction were great. We were so fortunate to have a Salt Cave here in North Shore. I felt I am more relax and I have a good night sleep. We will continue to spread the words.  
    - J. H., Auckland, New Zealand, 27 January 2019
     Visiting the Salt Cave for the duration of my two month stay in New Zealand was an absolute pleasure—the actual cave is stunning and remarkably calming, well worth the price.
    What I had specifically researched to come for was colonics and Prashant I found to be particularly skilled and uncommonly intelligent in the practice; I travel worldwide and his work stands out among the best received. I am thankful for his time and attention, will most certainly return when I am back in the country.
    Thanks again for everything
    Prashant, most especially
    your kindness.
    Blessings on you and your work!!
    - Melissa Ryan, USA, 24 March 2019
     “I have been coming to the Salt Cave since the beginning of November 2018. After a critical illness in 2016, I was left with scarred lungs as the result of double pneumonia. I have struggled with chest infections and ongoing coughing during my recovery. During the five months that I have been coming to the Salt Cave I have had no chest infections, coughing has decreased and my airways are clearer. I would recommend the Salt Cave to anyone with respiratory issues. L. T.”  
    - L. T., New Zealand, 4 April 2019
     Knowledge and experience!  
    - Lenka, Auckland, New Zealand "Two sessions Salt Cave Halotherapy" 12 April 2019
     Hi Prashant. Sorry for the late revert. Thank you so much for the vibrosaun and the salt cave therapies I did at your centre in March. They were very relaxing.
    But what i loved the most was the colon hydrotherapy that you coaxed me into doing. Really loved it and I think it has made a great difference to my life. Cleansing my insides have had an effect not only internally but externally. Combined with my meditations, I have lost weight even though my appetite has increased. I am happier.
    The icing on the cake is Kombucha which you so painstakingly made me understand and presented me with a scooby. I am making the same and having it and sharing with my friends and family. All together, it has made a big difference to my life. Thank you so very much. God bless you and your family.  
    - Sarmila, India, 11 June 2019
     Thanks again.  
    - Julian, Auckland, New Zealand "Two people Mild-Pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy session" 10 July 2019
     Warm welcome and great service from the first minute to the good-byes. It's a place that will make you feel better.  
    - Sylva, Auckland, New Zealand "Two people Salt Cave pamper experience including a Halotherapy and Vibrosaun session" 24 July 2019
     I have been using the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for several days now and have experienced improvement in my general wellbeing and sleep.
    Prashant has been very personable and flexible to accomodate my appointments to suit my work and child care schedules.
    Highly recommended!  
    - A I, Auckland, New Zealand, 29 July 2019
     Lovely experience, the bed worked as described and we plan to return. The only thing my partner and I thought it needed was somewhere to freshen up afterwards. Maybe just if each person received a warm bowl of water with a few drops of esential oils and a meslin cloth (Just an idea).  
    - Emma, Auckland, New Zealand "One Session One-Hour Vibrosaun Experience" 7 August 2019
     Friendly knowledgeable.  
    - Jodie, Auckland, New Zealand "One person Mild-Pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy session" 27 August 2019
     Yes, have been treated well at the centre, definitely if you have bowel problems it's a place to visit.  
    - Innocent, Auckland, New Zealand "Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment with a nutritional consultation and relaxation treatment" 24 October 2019
     Amazing experience keen to do 3 or 4 times a week.  
    - Charisa, Auckland, New Zealand "One 60-minute Vibrasaun Session" 9 December 2019
     Enjoyable experience and great result.  
    - Paul, Auckland, New Zealand "One-hour Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment for Normal Stains" 18 December 2019
     Great way to relax and to focus on breathing. Felt great in there :) The salt must have played it’s magic!  
    - Sarah, Auckland, New Zealand "One session Salt Cave Halotherapy" 18 January 2020
     Great experience Would definitely try again Very relaxing  
    - Tanya, Auckland, New Zealand "One session Salt Cave Halotherapy" 16 March 2020
     Thank you so much for your treatment today. I have learnt so much by talking with you as you gave your time so kindly. I feel very refreshed and also now very weary. My thirst was so big as I returned home.
    I can wriggle my tummy and it feels so soft instead of the hard tightness from before.
    I look forward to further therapy and sure that I will get better and better.
    Kind regards, L. M.  
    - L. M., Auckland, New Zealand, 14 November 2020
     Sorry I don't have facebook. We really enjoyed the salt cave today and will be back to do this again and also try another experience.  
    - Noeline, Auckland, New Zealand "One session Salt Cave Halotherapy" 13 March 2021
     Hi there. Yes the experience was wonderful. Sorry I don't do Facebook. Cheers Wendy.  
    - Wendy, Auckland, New Zealand "One session Salt Cave Halotherapy" 13 March 2021
     Hi Prashant, I enjoyed the colon therapy yesterday. Very comfortable, I loved your energy and how welcome you made me feel. I loved your care during our time at your clinic. Many thanks. Nga mihi. A. B.  
    - A. B., Auckland, New Zealand "One session Colon Hydrotherapy" 31 March 2022
     It was great! Thank you. I will book in sometime in the near future for the colon treatment. R. E.  
    - R. E., Auckland, New Zealand "Pamper Experience - Vibrosaun Therapy & Salt Cave Halotherapy" 7 May 2023
     Thank you for such a enjoyable experience!! I’m excited for the next adventure today! Thank you!! See you soon!! K. S.  
    - K. S., USA "First session of Pamper Experience - Vibrosaun Therapy & Salt Cave Halotherapy and Colon Hydrotherapy" 8 May 2023
     Thank you so much awesome treatment today. B. P.  
    - B. P., Auckland, New Zealand "First session Colon Hydrotherapy" 14 June 2023
     I was so impressed by your service Prashant. You certainLy made my day there a WonderfuL HeaLing experience.
    I Look forward to my next visit. J. R. W.  
    - J. R. W., Auckland, New Zealand "First session Colon Hydrotherapy" 21 June 2023