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Castor Oil

Medical grade, fit for human consumption: Castor Oil.
Price per bottle range from $ 10.00 onwards.
Each bottle comes in 50 ml of Castor Oil.
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Castor Oil is a vegetable oil which been pressed from Castor Beans. Castor Oil has been used by people for multi-purpose for thousands of years. During ancient Egypt, castor oil was used to burn as fuel in lamps and used as a natural remedy to treat ailments like eye irritation, constipation and even given to pregnant ladies to stimulate labour.

Currently, Castor Oil remains a popular natural treatment for many common conditions like constipation, skin ailments and is commonly used in natural beauty products. Castrol Oil can be used locally, tropically and orally depending on individual needs:

  • A powerful laxative.
  • A natural moisturizer.
  • Promotes wound healing.
  • Impressive Anti-Inflammatory effects.
  • Reduces Acne.
  • Fights Fungus.
  • Keeps your hair and scalp healthy.

For good benefits best way to intake orally Castor Oil is 5-10 mls 1 time in day. If it is difficult to take by itself Castor Oil for any reasons, you can mix or add in your normal food or drink and will achieve have similar good benefits. For use of Castor Oil locally or tropically you can gently rub directly on needed surface for good benefits or if your skins are sensitive then rub Castor Oil in hands and apply on needful area for good benefits.

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